July 2-August 31
Summer scheduling is based on requests and is designed to meet the goals and interests of each student.

Please be sure to read the Fiddlesticks policies and guidelines before requesting placement. 
The $50 registration fee does not apply to new students registering for summer classes or intensives.

Fiddlesticks operates on the premise of inclusion and holds firmly to a child-first approach to all lessons and classes and scheduling.
Adapted placements are available for children that may require more flexibility or continuity to achieve their goals. 

Pick a week or two for daily lessons in July or August
Verity’s teaching combines her own experiences as a classical cellist with her personal interest in folk music. Her work with children is inspired by the work of ethnomusicologist and master teacher, Zoltán Kodály. Verity understands that each child perceives, experiences and learns in their own way and in their own time. Lessons are designed according to the needs and learning style of the child and match individual commitment to home practice and family expectations.

Verity strives to give her students the following: 
1. A strong emotional connection to music and the cello 
2. True musical literacy 
3. The tools to play by ear 
4. Ensemble skills and the confidence to play in a group 
5. Effective and efficient practice habits 
6. Effective and efficient approaches to achieving goals 
7. A stress-free approach to performance

age 6-adult
$25 each 1/4 hour private lesson

$35 each 1/2 hour private lesson    
$53 each 3/4 hour private lesson

$70 each 1 hour private lesson