Fiddlesticks Studio of Fine Arts for Young Children is a small, home-based arts studio. Registration is managed on an individual basis. Placement in any class or workshop or in private lessons is determined according to space allowance, group dynamics and child readiness. For full session classes or lessons it is recommended that registration be requested after a brief and informal family visit to the studio. Registration for workshops can be requested by email without a preliminary visit. 

Payment for the term is due once placement is confirmed. There is a one-time registration fee of $50 for new students. Fees can be paid by e-transfer or by cheque.

Fiddlesticks operates on the premise of fairness and in the event of withdrawal from full term classes or private lessons a refund will be considered corresponding to notice given. Refunds cannot be given for withdrawal from a workshop.

In an effort to make Fiddlesticks programs accessible to every child, full and partial bursaries are available to families that can prove need for assistance. Bursary placement is dependent on available space.

Fiddlesticks reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or combine classes. Should Fiddlesticks need to cancel a class or classes due to personal or administrative reasons make-up options will be offered. Should Fiddlesticks be required to enforce cancellation or closure due to unforeseeable circumstances, such as poor weather conditions or a community health risk, make-up options will not be offered. 

Lengthy absence of a child due to illness or crisis will be considered for refund or make-up. However, neither credit nor refund will be given for missed classes due to common illness or absence due to personal leave. Make-up classes for private lessons will be offered if/when space/time allows and should not be expected . Make-up time, if any, must be scheduled during the period of registration and cannot be carried over to a subsequent term or program.

Sick children are expected to stay at home and if a child develops symptoms of illness during class time a call will be made to request that the child be collected and taken home. A Permission to Administer Medication form must be completed in the case that a child be well enough to attend class but may require medication during class time. Hand-washing is an important routine during class time and parents are encouraged to have children wash hands thoroughly upon arrival.

Fiddlesticks practices a preventative rather than a reactive approach to discipline based upon age appropriate and safe boundaries. Individual guidance for each child, establishes a basis for making choices and the understanding of the consequences that follow. Clear expectations, positive reinforcement, and mutual respect are unrelenting elements of the social environment. 

Should a child exhibit inappropriate behaviour that is disruptive to the learning and enjoyment of others he/she might be sent home. If the behaviour continues during subsequent classes and after efforts have been made to address the issue, the child will be asked to withdraw from the class or move to a new class or private instruction.

Please ensure that your child arrives to class with a selection of healthy, simple foods and a drink that he/she will enjoy in a social environment. Children are not permitted to share snacks during class time. Please do not send any nuts or foods that contain nuts in your child’s individual snack and be sure that treats brought for sharing at ensemble practices and recitals are nut-free.

Fiddlesticks operates in a residential neighbourhood and needs the cooperation of families to uphold a positive and supportive relationship with neighbours. Please be mindful of neighbours and always comply with parking regulations. Use the driveway for parking whenever possible. Complaints from neighbours can be a nuisance and may result in restrictions on Fiddlesticks operations.

Parents and/or caregivers are expected to mind their child(ren) both in and out of the studio during drop-off and pick-up time. Children must not be left unattended on the front porch and all children must wait inside for their adult to collect them if attending lessons alone. It is requested that parents dropping children notify Verity beforehand if their child will be attending without an adult so that measures can be taken to ensure the child’s safety before and after lesson time.

When waiting for a lesson or during your child’s lesson families are asked to remain in the waiting area directly to the left of the front door. In warmer months it is appropriate to wait outside on the front porch or front garden.

Please do not leave children under the age of 5 unattended in the waiting area.
Parents must notify Verity in advance of alternative persons collecting at pick-up time.

Fiddlesticks operates out of a family home and private areas are not clearly separated from the Fiddlesticks areas (car port, back yard, kitchen, living room, staircase and basement stairwell). These private areas are not marked nor child-proofed and are designated for the use of Verity, her family, their pets, and their guests only. Please help children to stay within the designated Fiddlesticks use areas. 

It must be understood that in the event of an emergency or if a child is left in Verity’s care before or after classes or lessons that they may need to accompany Verity into the kitchen, living room, laundry room (basement) and or back yard areas. In instances with advanced notice, a written permission will be requested.

Fiddlesticks is not responsible for any strollers, bikes or trailers left on the premises.

GROUP CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS - The door is opened at the start-time of a class and children are dismissed at the end-time of the class. For the safety of the children, the front door is locked during class times. Parents or caregivers need to knock loudly, call or text if collecting a child early. Advanced notice in such cases is appreciated.

PRIVATE LESSONS - The front door is left unlocked and families are expected to come and go in a timely manner so as to not disturb lessons. 

Parents or caregivers agree that Fiddlesticks, Verity, her son Liam and their pets along with Fiddlesticks volunteers, Fiddlesticks staff and the property owners are not liable for any accident and/or injury sustained by child or adult whilst at Fiddlesticks. This release of liability is inclusive of regular scheduled lessons, classes workshops and events at 508 Tweedsmuir Ave in Ottawa, Ontario and/or any declared alternative location.

On the application form, parents or caregivers are asked to give permission for Fiddlesticks to use photographs, video and/or audio recordings of their children. Audio and visual data may be collected for Fiddlesticks archives, PR and advertisement and/or publishings. An audio visual release can be declined by stating No.

In the event of a declared emergency, Fiddlesticks will provide the best possible care for your child. Fiddlesticks policy is to remain on the premises in the event of an emergency however, if necessary, children will be evacuated from the building and walked or driven to Dovercourt Recreation Centre at 411 Dovercourt Ave. Tel (613) 798 8950.
Community services and support are available at this location and we will remain at the recreation centre until all children are reunited with family or designated persons.

Verity can be reached at 613 402 7034 before and after class times. Please use text whenever possible if leaving an urgent message.

Fiddlesticks Studio
of Fine Arts for Young Children

508 Tweedsmuir Ave
Ottawa, Ontario
K1Z 5N9 

Phone: 613 402 7034