Fiddlesticks integrated-arts classes combine music, art, movement and play to provide a balanced and joyful learning experience for young children. Through discovery, experience and understanding children are given the opportunity to see, hear and feel the creative process. This approach in a structured educational environment allows for children to engage multiple intelligences and diverse learning styles.
Lessons are filled with wonder-inspiring activities designed to engage, delight and challenge the whole child. Daily activities are thematically connected and follow the cycles of the seasons.
The core music curriculum consists of mostly singing games and poems which children love. These singing games and poems provide the foundation for basic musical literacy and good musicianship.

"The characteristics of a good musician can be summarized as follows:

1.  A well-trained ear
2.  A well-trained intelligence
3.  A well-trained heart
4.  A well-trained hand.

All four must develop together, in constant equilibrium." (Zoltàn Kodàly)

Violin and cello and piano are introduced.
Children are expected to practice kindness, cooperation and compassion, to work hard and to play wonderfully!
Small classes allow for varied levels of interaction between children and teacher.

Tuesday-Friday for full time placement, Tuesday and Thursday or Wednesday and Friday for part time placements